70% Of Season Ticket Holders Share Their Tickets with Other Fans.

Built with help from teams across the globe. 
Season Share was built from the ground up to solve a number of problems team's face daily while
providing a platform for improved sales performance.  
Activate Your Audience
Activate your millennial fanbase by offering season
ticket options that fit into their schedule
with less upfront cost and commitment.
Understand Your Fan
 Gain a better understanding of who is sitting in your seats.  Track ticket partners as tickets are purchased, split, shared, and redeemed within the app.  
Ticket Retainment
Improve ticket retention by allowing your best
customers retain their season tickets and 
  offload unwanted games.
All in One Solution
Group, purchase, transfer, chat,
trade & mobile ticketing – all in
one beautiful mobile application.
Add your inventory to the app for free.
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